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Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC

Welcome to Kastl Express, the trusted moving company in Pasco and throughout the Tri-Cities region! Seeking a streamlined moving experience? Look no further. We offer a white glove moving service and experience — from packing and handling specialty items to assembling furniture and even offering storage options. Our goal is simple: to exceed client expectations in every possible way. We recognize the potential stresses of moving, but with Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC, the process becomes a simple process. Whether you’re transitioning within Pasco or planning a longer range out of the area move, we are here and will help you with all of your moving needs. Need assistance with delicate items like antique vases, grandfather clocks, or an upright piano? We can help with our specialized services ensuring the safety of all of your prized possessions.

If storage is on your checklist, we offer a safe and secure storage solution right here in the Tri-Cities. Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC stands as the preferred choice for moving solutions in Pasco and the greater Tri-Cities territories. Our commitment is to deliver expert moving services that are tailored and shaped around each unique moving situation. Contemplating a move? Connect with us. We’re here to help you with your moving strategy, turning your relocation into a smooth and uncomplicated process.


Pasco, WA moving made simple

At Kastl Express, we transform the complexity of relocation into a streamlined, effortless process, making moving simple one client at a time.



Welcome to Kastl Express Tri-Cities, Movers, LLC, your dependable moving service in Pasco, WA, and the greater Tri-Cities region! We are committed to offering a variety of customized moving solutions to suit your individual relocation requirements. Whether it’s a smaller local move within Pasco and the Tri-Cities area or a major transition out of the area, you can trust that our moving professionals are here for you. Choose Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC for a seamless, hassle-free move tailored to your unique moving requirements.


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Specialty Item Moving Services and Comprehensive Packing Solutions

Our range of services sets us apart from other movers in Pasco, WA, and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. Beginning with our packing service, we ensure every item, regardless of its delicacy or size, is handled with utmost care for secure transportation and arrival at your new residence or business. Whether it’s fragile dishware or substantial furniture, our team is up to the task. Additionally, we specialize in the transportation of unique, large, and valuable pieces. Through our specialized service, valuable items like pianos, artwork, and antiques are safely delivered to their new locations in the condition that you will expect.

Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC

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Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC

Your preferred Pasco, WA and Tri-Cities movers. We are 100% committed to our clients, offering comprehensive personalized moving services tailored to each moving situation. Our dedicated and experienced team of moving experts will ensure that your moving process is seamless, managing everything meticulously from packing to delivery.

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Fun Facts About Pasco, WA



Pasco, nestled in the Tri-Cities region, boasts a rich agricultural history. Renowned for its fertile soil, this region of Washington produces some of the finest wines, fruits, and vegetables in the country. Exploring the local farmers’ markets, you’ll encounter a vivid display of the city’s bountiful produce.


Pasco holds a unique geographical position. It’s situated where the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima rivers converge, making it a hub for water-based activities. Whether you’re a fan of boating, fishing, or simply enjoying riverside views, Pasco offers it all.


Not just a hub for agriculture, Pasco has a vibrant cultural scene. Hosting events like the Pasco Winter Fest and Fiery Foods Festival, the city showcases its rich cultural tapestry. Engage in local arts, music, and culinary wonders as you explore.


While many are aware of Washington’s wine reputation, not everyone knows that Pasco is at the heart of it. With numerous vineyards and wineries dotting its landscape, wine enthusiasts often find themselves on tasting tours, savoring world-class wines.


Pasco’s downtown area has witnessed significant transformation over the years. Rich in history and architecture, it’s a blend of old-world charm and modern development. Wander around and you’ll find a mix of quaint shops, eateries, and historical landmarks that tell tales of Pasco’s past.

Explore Pasco, and you’ll soon discover why it’s a gem in Washington’s Tri-Cities region!

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

Max White
Max White
October 23, 2023
Kastl Express was on time, reasonably priced, and very responsive and professional. They quickly moved us across town, including some very heavy pieces of furniture. We have recommended Kastl Express to our friends and will be using them for all of our future moving needs.
Steve Aparamedica
Steve Aparamedica
October 7, 2023
Matt, David, Raphy, Liz did a good job.
Rosa Trillayes
Rosa Trillayes
October 6, 2023
David and Lisandro did an awesome job delivering my furniture truly recommend.
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael
September 19, 2023
Hard-working movers with good attitudes.
Sandra Haskins
Sandra Haskins
August 15, 2023
We had a specific date and time to move, after i made a date mistake another kind company recommended Kastl... they were great and got the job done, more than we could imagine got done.... we're using them again for another small part of our move and despite the heat said no problem they'll fit us in! Highly recommend!
Kaden Bell
Kaden Bell
August 9, 2023
Great moving
July 13, 2023
Kastl blew me away! I wish I could give more than 10 stars! They helped me and my family get out of a rental (kenmore team llc) we had been renting which was hazardous due to sewage back ups and them denying there was even a back up even with pictures and professionals telling them it was (see their bad reviews before deciding to move into a rental of theirs as their good reviews deal with selling not renting of properties), enough about them haha. Kaslt accommodated my move dates when I had to move sooner due to everything without a problem. I was incredibly happy in how professional (covering the floors, covering the entrances, making sure to ask where to place the items I had forgotten to label, making sure not to scratch the floors, and so on). I cannot express how courteous, well mannered, professional, and just plain kind (something you don’t see now a days). I cannot say enough about this company as they were my savior in getting out of a hazardous rental my family and I had been living in for months. I am so incredibly grateful for all their help. I also have to note they are INCREDIBLY honest. They came when they said they would and when they found valuable items lost in the home they made sure to inform me and/or handed them to me. Others not so honest would have just kept them and not said anything. On top of all this they were reasonably price. Can’t get better for your money, highly recommend.
tiana alexandria
tiana alexandria
May 12, 2023
Wonderful service. The movers were professional and lifted my extremely heavy furniture I could not do myself upstairs. They were trained and able to manipulate large items through tight corners with no damage. They were enthusiastic and kind during moving which is always stressful
Dakota Damerow
Dakota Damerow
May 2, 2023
What a great time!! Max was amazing and helped us move our hot tub with ease. Fast easy and affordable! Thank you Max!

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Kastl Express Tri-Cities Movers, LLC


Moving Tips

Moving To Pasco or The Tri-Cities Area?

Ultimately having a plan for your move is key, but sometimes life gets busy.  Prepping and packing are huge!  Start by packing all the non essentials.  Pick one room or area to stack boxes.  Stack like sized boxes 4-5 feet high.  Then on move day the can be easily handed by the movers.


Important Tip #1

Pack your boxes to the top.  Fill them up!  When not full the box is more likely to be damaged.

Important Tip #2

Label all boxes on one side.  Once they are stacked, they can easily be identified!

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